10 Creative Romantic Ideas – Give These a Try!

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Here are 10 great creative romantic ideas to try at home with your loved one.  

It could be that you guys are getting stuck in a rut and notcreative romantic ideas communicating, or maybe you just love a little spark in your lives to balance out your day to day domesticity.

Whatever the reason, here some great ideas that will help keep that fire of romance alive and burning hot.

Some cost money, some don’t cost a dime so there is something for everyone here with a range from the expensive to the free!

1. Perform a Kidnapping

Now before you freak out at this one, what I am proposing is a simple gesture of picking your partner up from work, but then blindfolding them and driving around until they are disoriented.  Little does your partner know it but you have 2 overnight bags in the trunk and you are on your way to the airport for a romantic weekend away!

What a great surprise this would be!

Have a look at these recent posts for ideas of some incredibly romantic getaways in Europe or the Americas:

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creative romantic ideasAll you need is a blindfold, some carry-on luggage, possibly a passport, and a sense of adventure!

Don’t try this one if your partner is not a lover of surprises, and let’s face it, not all of us are!  You do need to titrate your romantic plans with regard to what your partner likes and dislikes.

2. Personalised Trophy or Medal

Have a trophy or a medal made and engraved with ‘World’s Best Lover’ or ‘BFF’ or something gushy and romantic and just for him/her.  There are heaps of trophy shops around, and some places to even get it done online.

3. Embroidered Gift

I personally love receiving gifts that have been monogrammed with my name or initials on it.

Towels and sheets are great, but recently my husband surprised me with his and her matching pyjamas embroidered with our names!  Such a thoughtful and elegant gift and it really makes you believe just how much your partner loves you!

Silk pyjamas, matching personalised number plates, pillow cases or bicycles are all real life embellished possibilities – be creative!

4. Historical Datecreative romantic ideas

Any date night is a good date night, but how about surprising your partner with a date that involves a visit to a place that is special to your relationship?  

If my partner took me to that beach where we first saw in each other the possibility of something more than friends, OMG I would just about melt!

That particular place played such a pivotal part in our relationship and the rock solid marriage that we have now, that a visit to it would make me feel that special romantic bond even more.

Or try a historical relationship tour for something amazing and stunningly romantic!  Click below for details on how to do it:

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5. Concert Tickets

Another great surprise date is to buy 2 tickets to his or her favourite band and then stash them in a place they will inevitably find them, like inside their make up bag, under their pillow, or as a bookmark in whatever they are reading at the moment.

6. Special Dinner

Cook a delicious dinner for your partner of their favourite foods, but creative romantic ideasuse cookie cutters to make every thing heart shaped.  

Serve dinner over a bowl of dry ice to make it even more mysteriously romantic!  Candlelight always works a treat too!

7. Get Tattoos

His ‘n’ hers tattoos are very meaningful tributes to your loved one.  

There are some great examples out there so pick a design that you both like and organise a time to get tattooed together!

creative romantic ideasIt would be the ultimate display of commitment and dedication to your partner.  

You don’t just have to get a heart tattoo with her name in it, there are a million and one creative and tasteful versions of partner tatts out there.  And you can get it where it doesn’t show if you are worried about that sort of thing.

Get tattooed on a fleshy and not bony part if you want a less painful romantic experience!

8. Say I Love You

But say it with flair!  Hire a sky-writer to say it in the clouds or write it out on the beach with coconuts before going for a scenic flight over the area.

Got a smaller budget?  Write it with lipstick on the bathroom mirror or creative romantic ideaswith a post it on the steering wheel of his or her car.

The scale or the cost of the gesture does not make it any more or less meaningful.  It really is the thought that counts!

9. A Love Letter

When was the last time you wrote your sweetheart a love letter?  Probably not since High School I am thinking…….

Now with a deeper love and greater experience, you will surely be much better at it!  

Try writing it verse for verse on a number of postcards and then mailing your partner one per day for a long lasting love fest that will really keep them guessing.

creative romantic ideas10. Treasure Hunt

Plan a special event together such as a dinner out or a romantic movie in but make your partner find their way to you with a series of clues and hints.

This is meant to be a fun thing to do so don’t make the clues too hard! 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Spending a little bit of time and effort to surprise your partner is totally worth doing in order to see how much you make her melt with happiness and feel so appreciated and loved.  It truly is the thought that counts and these wonderful creative gestures will be great fun to try on your partner.

You will need to calibrate your choice in romantic ideas specifically to your partner though.  

If your loved one hates surprises, chances are she won’t enjoy being kidnapped too much.  Or if he is not into tattoos, probably don’t book yourselves in to a surprise appointment at the local tattooist but go for a more simple romantic idea instead.

The ideas listed above are not a way to get something in return from your partner and as such, cannot be used as a bargaining tool.

creative romantic ideas

They have to be selfless acts performed out of love for no other reason than to show your partner how much you really do care.

Show your partner that you appreciate them every day, not just Valentine’s Day or your Anniversary either!

Let me know how you go and comment your success stories below!




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  1. 1

    Hi there,

    I think a historical date would be very meaningful and shows that your partner cares and remembers. I would be thrilled if my spouse did that!

    I also like special dinner, concert tickets, a love letter and saying I love you. But alas, my spouse is not the romantic type. I think I have to show him this article. Lol!


    • 2

      If your spouse is no into being romantic Yvonne, you should give some of these ideas a go yourself and see if you can’t inspire him! It’s not just for the male to be romantic. Us girls are great at being thoughtful!

      My husband and I did a historical tour when we visited our old town of residence not too long ago and it was so nice! We even bought our kids along and showed them our old haunts. Not that they were as impressed as we were! Ha ha!

      Show your husband this article and drop him some subtle hints……

      Good luck Von, let me know if it works 😉


  2. 3
    Alec Terry

    I think the kidnapping idea is an awesome one. My girlfriend and I constantly talk about just packing up and going away for a little while but we haven’t actually done it yet.

    But that day will come soon because it really is an awesome thing to do just leaving your worries behind and going on a trip.

    • 4

      Exactly right Alec. Just leave all your worries behind and reconnect for a weekend or so. it is such a fun thing to do!

      Remember to have fun and stay awesome!

  3. 5

    These are all solid suggestions but true spontaneous expressions of love come from being in love in the moment. Trying one of these things to rekindle the spark may work in the short run but you have to wonder if the spark is there at all if you have to plan something to begin with.

    • 6

      Hi Tom, Thanks for your comment.

      You don’t need to have zero spark in order to rekindle the spark if you know what I mean.

      Any relationship can do with a bit of bonus love and attention, even if the relationship health is good. If you are cruising along day after day and think that a marriage does not take any work at all, that this relationship gig is an easy one, then maybe you are mistaken.

      This is the type of relationship that needs maintaining. It is not a short term fix, but a long term gain. Be in love with your partner. In love.

      It is no longer enough to simply love and be comfortable. i believe in shaking things up and getting outside your comfort zone to gain more relationship kudos in order for you to evolve as a couple.

      Try one of the ideas listed above Tom. I bet you that your partner thinks you are extra amazing for it. Even if you are already amazing in her eyes, it’s the unexpected appreciation that counts the most.

      Cheers, Kris

  4. 7

    Great article love all of these topics and I’m sure they will work excellent for me and my wife. I’m a older guy so it’s not much that I haven’t heard of or tried in my day. But I’m really surprised at some of the things you have listed on here and why it took me so long to come across them. Well I’ll give them a go and see how it works out for me. Wish me luck.

  5. 9
    Online with Nerissa S.

    Hi K–

    I absolutely love the idea of a Treasure Hunt. That is hands down one of the most creative dates I’ve heard about yet and I actually think that I’m going to suggest this to some friends of mine who are experiencing a difficult time connecting.

    I plan to keep that one in my back pocket! And this is spoken from a true romantic, or I’d like to consider myself one. Smile.

    We really need to share more stuff like this to people who don’t think they have that spark anymore (or that they never had it to begin with)– I think it’s all in being creative and communicating as best you can with one another.

    Thank you for sharing!
    -Nerissa S.

    • 10

      HI Nerissa,

      I am so happy that you loved this idea! It really works to reconnect with the one you love.

      Have fun trying it out!

      Best wishes, Kris

  6. 11

    Aww…. now I feel romantically inspired!
    I really like all of your ideas, all 10 worth trying! I wish I could just kidnap my husband and go to some tropic island for a week or two… or maybe forever :))
    I’m going to try the Treasure Hunt and Embroidered Gifts sometime this month!
    You should make a post with ideas about surprises and present ideas for sweetheart for Xmas!

  7. 12

    These are some really great romantic gift ideas and I would bookmark this page so that I would have a lot of great ideas and whenever I feel like buying something for my boyfriend I would take a few suggestions from your page and the site.
    BTW I loved your about me page 🙂

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