Best Ab Workout for Men – Look Good for Your Partner

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Let’s face it, everyone loves a nice torso. Men look sexier when they have nicely defined biceps, chiseled pecs, and above all, a flat or ripped ab workoutsWhen your partner takes care of himself, he looks good. When he looks good, he feels good, and when he looks and feels good, he makes you want him.

Abs don’t make you love him any more or less. But sexy abs are definitely beneficial in the relationship game. My husband cares enough about me that he really looks after his body. He cares what goes into it, and exercises to keep himself in great shape.

I think the fact that he is nearing 40 really drives him into action. I mean, Best ab workouthe has always been an active person anyway and getting older kind of scares him because he doesn’t ever want to lose any of his body abilities or looks. Maybe it’s a little bit of panic and that really helps him to exercise as if his life depended on it.

Because he cares enough about me and our kids to look after his body, that is what makes me love him more.

Check out Brian’s best ab workout for men and you too can look good and feel good for yourself and your partner.

Brian’s Best Ab Workout for Men – 6 Steps to a Flatter Stomach

Strengthening your abs not only offers a flat stomach.  It will also improve your posture, increase flexibility, reduce stomach flab and prevent back pain.

Have you been killing yourself with crunches and find you are just not getting anywhere?

  1. Try a planking challenge instead!  Planking is the number one core Best Ab Workout for menworkout for men and ladies alike.  To plank you are laying on the ground face down resting on your bent elbows and your toes with your torso and legs lifted off the floor.  Activate your core to hold your body up.  Aim for a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

Work your way up to 1 minute daily for ultimate core strength.  

Start off with 20 seconds at a time, and every day increase it by 10 seconds until you are up to a whole 60 seconds!

Once you find that easy, you can add variations to your plank to make it even more worthwhile.  Try out the following 30 day plank challenge:

best ab workout for men

When doing a side plank, you simply turn to the side and lift your hips and torso up balancing on your bent elbow and stacked feet.  This is a great exercise for your oblique abdominals (your waistline).Best ab workout for men

Planking with lifted leg is a slight variation on the normal plank where you are facing the floor, but lift one leg at a time just off the floor so you must balance on two elbows and one foot.

2.  Go a one-legged plank – For an all over core workout start off with a standard plank where you are balancing on your forearms and your feet and facing the ground.  Now lift your right leg off the floor, and bend your knee up towards your right elbow, then repeat on the left side.

best ab workout for men3.  Planking with straight arms gives you nice even tone to your shoulders and upper arms while targeting your core at the same time.  With straight arms, balanced on your hands and feet with your legs and torso lifted up in a straight line, lift your right leg off the ground and bend your knee up to your right elbow while exhaling.  Inhale the leg back and repeat on the exhale with your left leg.

Next rep is exhaling your bent right knee toward the centre of your best ab workout for menchest and rounding your back, then inhaling it back to plank.  Repeat on the left to the centre chest then rest in plank.

The third variation is to lift your right foot and then bend your knee to your LEFT elbow with a slight twist on the exhalation.  Repeat the whole lot 10 times.

best ab workout for men4. Try a plank with a twist – Start with a standard straight arm plank facing down and lift your right leg, then thread it underneath your left leg with a hip twist.  Keep your leg straight then repeat on the other side.

5.  Side plank push ups start off on a side plank resting on a IMG_0970straightened arm with your top arm stretching straight up to the sky then twist toward the floor and thread your top arm underneath your bottom armpit reaching behind you with a twist.  Then send your arm back up to the sky and repeat 10 times before swapping sides.

6. Bicycle crunches are a fun variation on a standard abdominal crunch.  Lie on your back with your fingers interlaced behind your head and your knees bent up.  Now lift your head and shoulders off the ground reaching right elbow to bent left knee while sending the right leg out straight along the floor (but lifted off the floor) continue side to side for 30 seconds at a nice even pace about one side per second.

If you can do all of these abdominal exercises daily while of course eating right as well, then you will be well on your way to great abs.  All it takes is a little bit of motivation and a dose of determination.  Let you and your partner motivate each other to be the best you can be.  I like exercising together with my husband because we challenge and help each other to go harder.

Fight the battle of belly fat today!  It starts now!

If you have any other great ab exercises especially for men, please comment to add them below.






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  1. 1

    I love to lift weights, I don`t do planks in my routine, but I do work out my abs with other exercises. After reading this I might just add the side planks to my routine. It seems like a good way to exercise your torso, and I must admit you get very tired ater a while of doing so.

    • 2

      A strong core will help you with any exercise that you do Nahim.

      I am happy that you will incorporate the side planks at least as these are great for a nice waistline.

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. 3

    This is a great workout thanks. I am definitely going to include this in what I do for the next month to improve my core strength. I have always done some ab work but it has been a bit sporadic but this is a simple but effective workout that will easily fit into my schedule.
    Thanks for the perfect explanation as well.


    • 4

      Great Russell! Check back in a month’s time and let us know how you have gone! It’s all about getting motivated, and getting in the habit. After that, it’s easy!

      Have fun!


  3. 5

    What are my eyes seeing! Good old plank exercise. It’s great indeed, safe to do & it’s completely free for everyone.
    Not only for men, but I’d also strongly recommend it for females. They have to be strong too, no excuses.

    This exercise serves great as core stabilizer strengthener & not only the muscles on surface area gets a workload but it also involves inner abs making it quite all-round package exercise. Don’t you think so?
    I personally love to do them to improve my static strength in order to perform heavier squats & deadlifts. Absolutely vital stuff + as bonus you get nice looking abs.

    On contrary what many folks believe, there are no secrets getting in great shape. It’s just persistence & hard work meanwhile we’re using the simple things available in our lives. Thanks for sharing, quality stuff is always welcome. Stay healthy!

    • 6

      Totally agree Henry – planking is a great all round package exercise. And it’s great for females as well. Core strength is hugely important no matter what you do. A good core also improves your posture which will become more important as we get older.

      Cheers, Kris

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