Bose Bluetooth Speakers – The Ultimate Sound Reviewed

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Product: Bose Soundlink III Speaker

Price: $129 – $333

Size: Mini or Maxi

Best Place to Buy:

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: YES!

Now let’s get one thing straight.  I love my Bose Bluetooth Speakers.  As you can see by my rating above, this is one of those super cool products that makes me feel real good.  So, if you are looking for a bad review, stop reading right here!


I have had the Bose Soundlink II now for about 3 years.  It comes with us everywhere we go.  We are that cool couple (that think we are so cool) cruising down the street pushing a pram for our afternoon stroll with hot beats pouring after us.  The new Soundlink III is out now, and is even better, louder and has longer battery life than ever before lasting an unbelievable 14 hours!


There have been a myriad of wireless speakers released ever since the Bose grew some innovation and came out with these rechargeable devices.  All you could get previously was speakers with replaceable batteries.  And they never lasted a whole party.  So with the Bose you have a new opportunity to set and forget.  Set up your playlist, on Spotify, press play and you used to get about 3 hours of battery life on the old models.  The Soundlink III gives you more like 14 hours!!!  The speaker is a perfectly portable size at about 13.1cm x 25.6cm x 4.8cm.  (5.1″ x 10″ x 1.8″) It’s really easy to hang onto and the II has a a neat little flip up cover attached to it which protects it from dust.  The new one unfortunately misses out on this attached cover which is a shame as I love having it all in one like that.

BoseEase of Use.

The bluetooth linking is really easy to set up.  You simply hold down the bluetooth button on the speaker and then select the speaker on your wireless devices menu.  There is also an Aux and mini-USB input as well.


Weight: at about 1.3kgs, (3pounds) it’s not light as a feather.  I don’t know about you, but I always think weight feels like quality though!

Included cover: The Soundlink III doesn’t come with a cover like the II did, but you have the option to purchase one separately.

Other options.

This is not a review comparing the Bose Soundlink to other bluetooth speakers, but only the Soundlink II to the III.  There are however a few different and cheaper options within the brand.  In my opinion, Bose is the only speaker to get in terms of sound quality and clarity so I wouldn’t even look anywhere else.  The Soundlink II is a great speaker, and sure you could find a cheap one second hand.  But, after having mine for about 3 years of heavy use, the battery life is no-where near as good as it was.  The closer I look at the Soundlink III, the more I want a new one!  I mean up to 14 hours of battery life!  Wow!

There is a mini Bose wireless speaker as well for about $100 less, which is almost as good.  As you imagine with a cheaper product, it is just not quite as loud, with not quite as long a battery life but still has that Bose quality.

I am listening to my wonderful Bose Soundlink II wireless bluetooth speaker right now.  And gee, it feels good!




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  1. 1

    I’m convinced already! I much rather read a review from satisfied customer rather than technical analyst. Or even a unsatisfied customer for that matter. Thanks guys. I mean Bose has always been out there with the best in the world of speakers so I am not surprised that the Soundlink is as cool as it “sounds” How much is the Soundlink 111?

    • 2

      Hi there Peter and thanks for commenting. The Soundlink III retails for around $299USD on Amazon. I think I bought my original Soundlink II for about $350AUD a few years ago so they have gotten cheaper, as well as better. I am still dreaming about that incredible battery life and really thinking about upgrading!


  2. 3

    Great and informative post! You have great opinions and you express them them well. You write about lot of relevant stuff and that’s great. I can see you have put a lot of effort into your site. Just impressive. Good job!
    If i had to say something you could improve tho it would be your layout. I think that it’s a little bit too simple. Maybe add header image or something!

    • 4

      Cool thanks for your comment Gabriel, I will give that a go! I know that images really go a long way to selling a website and I thank you for your input. I was aiming to get a bio in the sidebar too.

      Thanks again, Kris

  3. 5

    very informative article on bluetooth speakers- bose is a very well known brand for high quality products at a very extreme high price.

    Your suggestions for other options are much more in the majority of people’s price line, today why pay for the name of a product when you can get a good product for a much better price.

    Do you have any other suggestions for bluetooth speakers- I am always looking for a high quality product at a good deal.

    • 6

      It’s a tricky one because I truly believe that with price, comes quality.

      I know that Sony have always been high quality sound with a more reasonable price, or I was listening to a Samsung Bluetooth speaker the other day which sounded just great!

      Maybe a topic for a future article!


  4. 7

    My dream site! For real though this is just what I needed, can’t wait to see what your other article have. I have had bose in my car before, but never just a portable speaker. Although I do agree with you that the “older tech is very big and clunky”, BUT i like that the older equipment has more options. I am more of a hands-on type of guy not really just a plug and play.

  5. 9

    Very good choice of a product to write about in your article today, Bose products are the product every music fanatic dreams to own including myself one day.

    Bose is well known for high quality great sound music products, the products in our article are very attractive as well as high quality.

    Amazon seems to be the place for the best deals for almost any product.

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