Which Weber Q Grill should you Buy? An Honest Review

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You know you should really get a Weber, but which Weber Q Grill should you buy?  There are a few different ones on the market currently, and they are all good.  They re all amazing actually.  So the question is not “Why should I want a Weber?” but “Which Weber do I want?”

I own the Weber Q 2000 and it is amazing.  The flavour of food you get when grilling on the Weber is beyond compare.  The secret is in the flavourisers which catches the drips from the meat cooking above and smokes and sizzles, sending incredible flavour back to the meat above.  This is not going to be a bad review.  But I hope I can rifle through the various ones available on the market and give you a direction towards the Weber that is right for you and your family.

There are a few things you need to look at when considering a Weber.

The size of your family

We are a family of 5.  So for us, something around the size of the Q2000 works perfectly.  We can feed our family, easily fitting 5 steaks on there, or a good size roast.  You could only fit one pizza on there at a time though.


Usually directly correlates with size.  You can pay anywhere from $169 – $399 for the Weber Q series.  The Weber Genesis series starts at $699.  So have a budget in mind.

What do you like to cook?Weber

If you are into soups and stew and curry, the Weber is not going to work for you.  Let’s be honest.  But maybe you are not in the market for a Barbecue after all.  Maybe you need a Thermomix! Click here to read my review of the Vorwerk Thermomix TM 5.  A complete indoor kitchen machine.

We love an outdoor kind of lifestyle and there is nothing better than a summer grill cooking our favourite steaks while we sip on a nice cold beverage with friends.

As always, the moral of this story is the fact that cooking together and stepping away from the mundane actually helps you to become closer as a couple, and as a family.  Think about what you had for dinner tonight.  What did you have?  Was it one of those standard fares from your standard weeknight meal plan?  A lot of people do easy food all the time.  But believe me when I say that BBQ food is so easy it’s not even funny.  I mean, when we cook a steak and veg dinner on the Weber Q, there is hardly any washing up.  It is awesome.  Did I mention I hate washing up?

So, if you like delicious grilled meat, then the Weber is the one for you.  With so many different accessories including plates and roasting trays, the Weber is also quite versatile.  You have the option to purchase a grill plate, a skillet pan, pizza trays, and more to personalise your journey.


We also love buying disposable foil trays to cook things like eggs and bacon as well.

Size of your Space

Is this bbq going to go on a tiny weeny portico or an enormous verandah? Very important consideration.  Our old 4 burner barbecue took up half of our small deck before we finally got a more compact yet much more efficient Weber.


This grill is totally portable depending on what level you end up buying.  You just take along your gas cylinder and the Weber itself, making sure you either have the Weber portable table or some sort of heatproof surface to put it on and away you go!  We always take our BBQ camping because it is so easy to transport and doesn’t take up too much room.  On the other hand, if you know your BBQ will take pride of place on your patio and never leave again, you would be more suited to a bigger Weber with a more solid stand.

Weber Q 1000

This is where things get really fun with the Weber Baby Q.  The smallest entry level LPG BBQ with a portability that is beyond compare.

Price: $169

Grill space: 189 square inches

Portability: 5/5

Looks: 3/5

Weber Q 1200 LPG – available in 8 vibrant colours!  The same grill space as the 1000, but with the ability to choose from anything from fuchsia to vibrant green hoods.   They look super cool

Price: $199

Grill space: 189 square inches

Portability: 5/5

Looks: 5/5

Weber Q 2000 LPG (this is the one I have) Perfect in every way.

Price: $229

Grill space: 280 square inches

Portability 4/5

Looks: 3/5

Weber Q 2400 ELECTRIC – Perfect for couples who are not that into the great outdoors but have a small to medium size patio for entertaining.

Price: $299

Grill Space: 280 square inches

Portability: 1/5

Looks: 4/5


Weber Q 3200 LPG – For the extended family or if you have loads of friends.

Price: $399

Grill Space: a whopping 393 square inches

Portability: 2/5

Looks: 3/5


Weber Genesis E-310

At $699, the Weber Genesis E series is at the top of the Weber pile.  It boasts a massive grilling area with a whole 637 square inch cooking space.    With 3 burners and the control knobs on the front of the unit, the E series also comes with a  built in cabinet to store the LP gas bottle.  This bad boy loses in the portability stakes but is up there with style, looks, and class whilst being synonymous with Weber’s reputation for providing exceptional backyard barbecues and the good times with family and friends that go with them.

Price: $699

Grill space: 637 square inches

Portability: 1/5

Good Looks: 4/5

Add some accessories according to your own Weber style:


Having a barbecue is a unique and delicious way to connect with your partner. Being outdoors never ceases to make even the most stressed out person feel relaxed. Combine that with a bit of music and some great conversation between you and your partner, or with friends or family, and you can really reconnect with those around you while you have a break from the everyday and mix it up a bit.

At my house, we have barbecues on our Weber Q a few times a week because we know the healthiness of the grill and the tastiness that flavouriser enhances combines to provide us with amazing dinners overtime that make the neighbours jealous.

We love our Weber. Got one? Comment below!




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  1. 1

    Now that the weather is getting realy warm, my family would love to try and have a BBQ in the yard.
    I’ve never cooked using a grill like the ones you present, but I guess they make the food taste amazing.
    Share some of your favourite recipes using a Weber Q grill?
    Hope the grill is safe enough to be used with little kids in the family.
    All the best

    • 2

      Hi again,

      With the Weber grill you do all the cooking with the lid down so it is actually a much safer method.

      We also have small children and while they know to be aware of the grill it is not dangerous.

      I think part of the reason things taste so good is the fact that you do cook with the lid shut so there is more time to develop the flavours within.

      My favourite recipe recently was when we went camping and cooked a rack of lamb which I only seasoned with salt and pepper and some fresh rosemary from the garden. The general rule of thumb is to cook meat for 10minutes per centimetre of height. So the lamb only took just over an hour and it was just so incredibly tender and juicy. I added some veggies into a disposable foil tray which fitted in nicely next to the roasting trivet.

      I recommend that you don’t go too small when choosing a Weber so you can fit in everything you want.


  2. 3
    Travis Smithers

    I find summer and BBQ’s go hand in hand. I have a larger unit for around the house and find I always like to have a portable one for road trips.

    I have heard good reviews about the Weber line for the larger BBQ and have not looked into the smaller mobile units till now.

    For the portable BBQ are they all equipt to take the propane cylinders or do they have one to take the smaller propane tanks?

    • 4

      All of the portable Weber Q barbecue grills are fully equiped to attach to a large liquid propane gas (LPG) cylinders. We have ours on a 9kg one at home via a regulator, and we have a smaller gas bottle that we take camping a 4.5kg one.

      I am not aware of a Weber which takes the smaller tanks that you attach directly.

      But there is an electric one.

      Happy barbecuing!

  3. 5

    I love your website it is very informative. Just a suggestion: maybe add a logo with some color on your title page and condense the content so it does not flow across the page.(more like book form) It has all the menus and articles that are easy to navigate. Keep up the great work and hope you have great success!

    • 6

      Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback! I will take it on board.

      I am not sure what you mean with regard to condensing the content. Perhaps you would be so kind as to send me some examples via email?


      Thanks so much!


  4. 7

    What I meant was instead of the sentences flowing from left to right all the way across the screen in some sections(not all), maybe it would be more enjoyable to read if the margins were closed in some what. No big deal I liked it but had to comment on your website. I have a long way to go on my website as I am just starting and learning to build it. I know what I want it to look like, but just don’t know how to achieve that yet. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

  5. 9
    Martin Kelly

    Hi Like your Weber review especially the lower end models but it seems like you are missing alot of models. I have the Silver Series and I think it once retailed for 500.00 or something thats another great thing about Webers if you get new grill bars they will last forever well almost. Also I have seen extra sturdy models for probably 1500-2000.00 with all the extra side burners. I’m sort of Jonesing for one of those but big $ Have you read the book by BBQ expert of Franklin BBQ in Austin Tx he builds his own metal smoke boxes,very extreme but maybe worth a look.

  6. 10

    with the festive season approaching and family party on every person’s mind i think using this weber grill will be the best and maybe the foods prepared with it will be more tasteful than other prepared in a different way

    i will be looking forward to see more of the spices that will be suitable when preparing this


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