5 Ideas for Making Extra Money

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Now, this is something I am sure every household needs to get a hold of. I mean, when you get your pay check in one hand and your bills in the other, and you get that exasperated feeling like “man, we could really use some ideas for making extra money here!”.


Here are some ideas that might work for you.

1.Find something to sell. yard-sale

It may be that classic car you’ve been holding onto, it may be a garage sale. Perhaps you are a crafty type who can make something clever, fill a niche and sell it at the local weekend markets. Another way to sell is to find wholesale products and then on-sell at retail prices. Again, this could be at a shopfront, or you could venture into online territory. There are great sites such as alibaba.com where you can purchase large amounts of goods for low prices, and then market and sell them. Sounds simple right?

2. Get educated.

Go to college or university and get qualified. This will get you degree, but the only problem is the large amounts of money and time this will take. And, with reports out of the US of college graduates not getting the jobs they have qualified for, it makes this sort of investment a two-way street.


3. Fill a niche.

If you have always wondered why there wasn’t a certain way of doing things, maybe you should invent something that would fix the problem! Fill a niche. If you have a special set of circumstances, like being a mom, or a single mom, or a bass guitar player or a fisherman you have a unique insight that could perhaps be able to identify a potential problem and find out ways to fix it. Be an inventor!

4. Get medical and use your body.

Some of us would sell our organs if we could, but in the Western world, that’s just not plausible. But you can sell your plasma, it’s a portion of your blood so it does involve needles. Men can sell their sperm, but this may have repercussions down the track of course. You can also get paid for medical trials at major university hospitals. This often involves drug therapy and can carry risks. All of these options will require you to be relatively healthy and substance free.

5. Google it. google

If you type into google search ‘ideas for making extra money’ you will come up with a myriad of sites advertising a million ways to make some extra cash. You just need to have a computer and an internet connection. Beware the scammers and beware of anything that asks you to outlay tons of money upfront. Don’t go on sites with spelling mistakes. That’s something I’ve learnt!

In future posts, I will be reviewing some of the more reputable online money making sites and also naming and shaming some shady ones.

If you have any ideas for making money that would work in a family household, please comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Love, Kris.