6 Simple Romantic Ideas – Surprise your Loved One!

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Whether you are in a new or an old relationship, or you just need a little bit of a boost in the love department, these simple romantic ideas will benefit you.simple romantic ideas

1. An Historical Tour

If this is possible logistically, i.e. if you still live in the same town that you used to when you were first dating each other, then this is a great way to rekindle any lost romance between you by finding where it came from in the first place.

Go on a tour of the places that meant a lot to you both in those early days of dating.  

simple romantic ideasFor Brian and I, we would visit the beach where we walked with a borrowed dog in the sunset, the top of the hill we we first kissed, our first official out at dinner and the theatre, that first place we ‘you know’, that stretch of beach where he proposed.

Oh my goodness I am feeling all fuzzy and in love just thinking about it!  Try it!

2. A Handmade Gift

Something that you have made yourself is oh so much more meaningful to give to your loved one.

It really shows that some thought and love has gone into it.  

Making a sign out of an old game of scrabble spelling both of your names, your kids, family, love – whatever will fit in a crossword style and then framing it in an inexpensive photo frame is a lovely gesture.

simple romantic ideas

How about trying your hand at making some heart shaped chocolates, some beaded jewellery, a knitted scarf.

3. Breakfast in Bed

This is always a nice, simple idea.  simple romantic ideas

Everyone loves waking up to the smell of a delicious home-cooked breakfast served in bed.  Invest in some heart shaped cookie cutters to shape toast or pancakes and heart embossed cutlery and napkins to make it extra special.  And a single red rose in a vase will top it off perfectly!

4. Romantic Bath

Set up the bathtub with hot water, bath salts, rose petals, candles and wine.  Lead a path of rose petals from the front door to the bathroom.

simple romantic ideasYou might even get invited to partake!

5. Spell it out

Whether it’s post-its, or dinner arranged just so, or chocolate or lipstick on a mirror.  Your partner turning around and seeing a subtle I love you message is so romantic.

Hide post-its all over the house.  In her make up drawer, in his work simple romantic ideasshoes, on the inside windscreen of his or her car.

Little love notes are so sweet and romantic!

6. A Mystery Trip

If you really want to splash out, a spontaneous mystery weekend break would be such an amazing thing to do to for your partner.

Send a mysterious text with instructions where to meet and when.  Pack a bag, and whisk her off to the airport!  Blindfolds are also a fun addition to this game, although you must know your partner well enough to know that they will not freak out.

simple romantic ideasSo there you have 6 potential ways to make your relationship a little bit sweeter with a range of spending options from $0 – $1000.


Good Luck!

Comment below to let me know how your surprise goes!





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  1. 1

    It’s funny, but I once got all those in one (except for the hand made gift): I got a surprise trip to the place where we first met (you’d call it “historical” I guess) and it included salt baths, breakfast in bed and lovely little notes hidden in different places.
    It really sparked up the relationship! Your post just reminded me of that 🙂

  2. 3

    Hey Kris. I am loving your site! I am not sure how many people realize that the romance is beginning to fade out of their relationship once they have been together for a while.
    Your article has just reminded me that it is probably time to spoil my wife again! Thanks very much for some really good ideas.


    • 4

      Hi Gary, That is so great! I’m glad I can inspire you to realise that even though there may not be anything wrong, romance never goes astray in a relationship.

      I think the thing that couples forget as time passes and you love each other comfortably, is how to be ‘in’ love with each other again.

      Make it fun!

      Thanks a lot for your comments Gary,


  3. 5

    My husband will quite often put a message in the butter! We have real butter in a butter dish and when it’s a new pat, he will put a love heart in with the arrow and our initials, or write a little message instead. I look forward to checking out the butter when we have our toast in the mornings! Ches

    • 6

      Aw wow I love that idea!
      I might try that one! I make my own butter too and it would be lovely to put a little love heart in there. The kids would probably get to it first though lol.
      Thanks for the comment Ches,

  4. 7

    The trip around your town to visit all of thos old spots that are special to the two of you is a great idea. So simple but yet felt like a really fresh idea. One thing my wife and I do that not everyone can do is drive into work together. We don’t work for the same company but we do work in neighboring towns. Its a great way to spend more time together.

    • 8

      Hi Brian,

      That’s so great that you guys are able to share that time. Before work you are both fresh and able to really communicate. I find driving in the car the best place to have conversations with my husband because you are so focussed on each other in that little bubble!

      Thanks for saying hi,


  5. 9
    Simon Watson

    AW cool top tips there I like how you actually suggest returning to the places of old to rekindle memories of where “it” first happened. In fact the mere suggestion of personalised gifts is heartfelt and I can think of nothing more that of nothing more that would be greatly appreciated by the other half, partner. It was a super post that left me wanting to read more of your content so

    • 10

      Hi Simon, thanks so much!

      I hope you give some of my ideas a go! They really do bring some spark to your relationshp!

      Best wishes, Kris

  6. 11

    I love this article so much, I’m going to share it with my boyfriend to give him some hints. I think it’s too easy these days to get caught up in the everyday life and we forget to take care of the people that are closest to us. This article is a great reminder of the simple things we can do to show our appreciation.

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