7 Romantic Relationship Tips

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RoseEvery couple regardless of sexuality or gender or age or nationality needs to know these romantic relationship tips in order to succeed in becoming an absolutely fulfilled couple.

1.Increase the positive and decrease the negative.

Complement your partner at least twice a day and leave out the nagging.  Nagging is the most annoying thing,  I know I do it without even thinking occasionally and before the words have fully flown from my mouth I am scrambling to take them all back.  Sorry honey.  You can complement by simply giving them an appreciative smile or touch with a word or two, or sometimes surprise them with an all out kiss!  All in all a much more pleasant alternative!  So, when you find yourself about to ask your other half the reason they have left their dirty socks on the floor instead of in the washing basket, check yourself.  Pick the socks up, and then find something pleasant to say instead.  It really will improve everyone’s day.


2. Please each other.

There are so many opportunities to make each other happy.  And it is true what they say about happy wife happy life (but here you can insert the appropriate alternative to wife, I just like it because it rhymes!)  Let him choose the movie, let her chose the restaurant, sit through 4 hours of football just to be near him.  It’s about doing something for your partner.  The same can be said about pleasing each other in the bedroom too.  Don’t be selfish now!

3. Be fair and fun in bed.

If he always is the initiator, jump on in there first and surprise him.  Couples can feel all too comfortable with the way the bedroom rules get stale and boring.  Research new positions, only doing things that you feel comfortable doing of course.  And please don’t get so over-focussed on pleasing your partner that your compromise your own self.  For a long-term relationship to be a success, there needs to be a lot of give and take in the bedroom.  Intimacy can exist across your whole life, but good bedroom etiquette can really make positive difference on your entire relationship.

Date Night4. Go on dates

Remember dating??  It was so fun in the beginning to get dolled up and enjoy a fancy meal and a glass of wine with your husband to be.  Remember the conversation?! Then you got married, maybe had a couple of kids… When was the last time you went on a date with your husband?  Go call a babysitter and ask your partner out on a date.  I guarantee that is the most important step to becoming an ultimate couple!

IMG_03335. Try a holiday

Like dates, a holiday works much the same way to re-ignite that passion.  Once you and your family are free from the mundane rigours of everyday life, you are free to explore each other again which should give you a new found appreciation for your partner once more.

6. Appreciate each other

Miss each other when you are apart, then appreciate the little things when you are together.  My husband often spends a few nights per week away for work.  I miss him dearly when he is gone and speak to him on the phone all the time.  When he comes home we greet each other like we are newly weds.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

7. Look after yourself, and each other

You need to feel good within yourself before you can give yourself to someone else to love.  Look after your health.  Eat a good diet, exercise, keep harmful activities to a minimum.  Listen to your partner.  If they are constantly commenting on your smoking for example, it is because they care about your health!  Take care of your appearance.  Don’t let yourself go just because you are comfortable around your partner and you think he no longer needs to be pleased.  If you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, the world (and your partner) feels good too.

I hope that within these romantic relationship tips you have found something that you will try on your own partner.  Please comment with your successes.  Enjoy!

Love, Kris