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Hey everyone!

Brian and Kristine are our names and we decided to develop this site in a way to help couples all over the world to become an ultimate couple.  Too many relationships break down unnecessarily when, with a few key tools, they too can enjoy long, healthy and happy lives together.

About Us

So our personal journey?

We have been married for 12 years, have 3 children together, and wherever we go, people ask us how we keep it together to be so happy and in love after a long marriage.

We started our journey as barely adults and have grown from strength to strength with each other.  We are best friends and we share the love and commitment we have for each other with our children so that, altogether we form an unbreakable team.

Brian and I met while I was at University doing a Nursing Degree and he was working for a Surveying firm.  We didn’t properly get together at first, instead enjoying a nice long courtship with many dates and party nights with friends.  We became closer and closer until one day we borrowed my friend’s dog and took him for a very romantic walk on the beach, and our courtship graduated into something real and life affirming.

We were soon married and spent many incredible years doing contract work overseas and travelling the globe.

We then moved back to Australia and embarked on a new adventure, having 3 awesome kids over the next 4 years.

If that wasn’t adventure enough, we then decided to travel around Australia with a caravan.  Our baby being only 8 weeks old when we left.  That was such an amazing trip, we spent an entire year really gelling as a family with no distraction, no TV, no school, just us and the road.

It made us into such a tight little unit.

My husband now spends many nights away from home for work and I miss him dearly.  Yet I believe that age old adage to be true: absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

At Absolute Couple we share our secrets for what makes our relationship work so well – with you!  

Are you looking for creative or simple romantic ideas?  Tips for date nights or what to do when your relationship has to contend with long distance?

Maybe you are wondering when is the best time to have a baby.

Our lives are testament to our experience so this is a very personal journey for us and for you.  If you would like to connect with us on a personal level, please leave a comment below or email on kris@absolutecouple.com


Brian and Kristine

Founders of Absolute Couple

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    Wojtek Mozdyniewicz

    Hello, Kris and Brian.

    Reviewing your Site I’m impressed with very ambitious topics and consequently well follow up subtopics.

    ps. Some links are not working well. Too slow to open page.
    This is my only finding to be corrected ASAP.


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