Best Romantic Getaways – The Top 6

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Ever feel like you just need to get away from it all with your partner?  

Feel like leaving behind the mundane grind of daily life – work, commuting, making school lunches, paying bills….

What you need is a short break to really reset and reconnect with your partner.  Or a longer break if you are able!  Do some research, organise a babysitter (or your kids’ Grandmother like I do) and check out my list of some of the best romantic getaways that I have experienced with my partner.

romantic holiday destinations


Coming in at number 6 is:

6. Go Camping

The thing with camping is, it can be sooo romantic, or it can be a total disaster.

We go camping a lot, as a family and once the kids are all worn out and sleeping soundly, sitting around a campfire under the stars with your loved one can get super duper romantic!How to go Camping

The greatest advantage is the price, but it doesn’t always turn out perfectly with the weather or inexperience able to play a major role in the success of the event.

For tips on camping and how it can revitalise your relationship, click here.

And it can be a lot of work, that’s why for a special occasion, I prefer the sort of break where someone else takes care of you for a change!

5. Cancun

What’s not to love about Cancun! ?

Romantic Holiday DestinationsThe wonderful all-inclusive packages make it a super easy place for a short break and you really feel like you are getting looked after at one of the huge resorts along the coast.

Romantic Holiday Destinations

There are a million and one things to do, or you can simply lie by the pool and drink cocktails with each other or find some secluded cove and do whatever you like.

It is idyllic to say the least!

The food is amazing, the beaches are gorgeous with the azure waters and white sands, and it is a place where you can lap up each other.

You will adore the comfy beds and crisp white hotel sheets too!  Trust me!

Also, It’s cost effective with just a short flight from most places in the US, and all inclusive package deals for room, food and drinks.

4. Key West

This is one I included due to it’s proximity to a major airport in Miami Fl. with connecting flights to all over the world.

Key West is a mysterious old port at the end of the Florida Keyes.  

Romantic GetawaysWe hired a car in Miami and drove down there getting to go across those famous bridges between the islets singing Kokomo by the Beach Boys all the way!

The accommodation is in these beautifully romantic expansive vintage plantation style homes with rocking chairs on the wide verandahs where you sit while sipping your iced tea.

The beaches are white sand and blue water and there’s plenty of lively bars and restaurants in a village atmosphere.

It is like a step back in time with an old west feel crossed with a southern vibe.

Key Lime Pie anyone??


3. New York

New York New York.  The sights and sounds of New York are a delight to the senses.  

From the famous streets to the historical landmarks and the intensity of Romantic GetawaysTimes Square to the tranquility of Central Park, New York is an enigma that has to be seen to be believed.

In popular culture the city is known to us anyway and you are able to view famous sites used in any number of films and television shows.  You can catch a free Staten Island Ferry which sails straight past Lady Liberty, or pay through the nose to get to the top of the Rockefeller Centre or shop until you drop on 5th Avenue or The Village.  There is fine dining to be had or sensational street food.  How about a show on fabulous broadway?

New York has something for everyone.  

It is a little on the expensive side though, and your accommodation choices are not that great if you are on a budget.  But, if it means you might have to pay a bit more and shorten your visit, it is totally worth it!

2. France

Romantic GetawaysAhhh, Paris……  Imagine opening the shutters on your apartment before strolling downstairs to collect your freshly baked croissant and divine flavourful coffee from the corner cafe.

France definitely makes the top 5 for culture and romance.  

The food and wine are incredible, the boulevards are the perfect places to stroll hand in hand as you seek out the famous landmarks that make Paris the famous city of love that it is renowned as.  And, being just a quick hop across the pond, it’s easy to get to!  Go on, make your friends all jealous!

1. Hawaii

For a fab beach holiday with all the trimmings, you have to go to Hawaii.

 This is one of the easiest destinations I have ever had the privilege of visiting.  

The hotels are classy and well appointed with every level from budget to 5 star close to the beach.

Romantic getawaysThe versatility of Hawaii is second to none as you can stay on busy touristy Waikiki and enjoy your cocktail happy hours and atmospheric shorelines, or catch a short flight over to Maui for more romantic waterfalls and volcanoes from helicopters with fewer visitors to contend with.

There’s everything here from adventure to relaxation.

It was such a romantic holiday we had there!  We stayed in a high-rise at Waikiki Beach, hired a convertible and drove up to the north shore and made it back in time for Mai Tai happy hour each day.  Then we hit Maui for a few days for even more romance at a slower pace.

We take the kids on holidays too!

But our destinations are different.  And they can still be romantic!  Kids club anyone?

We go on couples only city breaks for 1 or 2 nights at a time, a few times a year.  We are lucky that our kids have such awesome grandparents!  Then we have a 2 week holiday mid year which we take the whole family on.  If we are lucky we can also manage to go away for another week or two staying with family over Christmas.

This year happens to be a ski trip, but we have done round-the-world trips, a year long round-Australia trip, a ski trip, and a surf trip with the children in tow too.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post on ultimate family holidays.

I’ve got city breaks booked in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne coming up this year as well as a ski trip to New Zealand.  These will all leave us feeling rejuvenated and better able to handle normal life as part of the awesome team that we are.

The time spent away from home balances out your home life.

See my post on Living a Balanced Life Here.

When you are enjoying a vacation with your partner, you have time and energy to really connect with each other and to converse, wine and dine like you have not a care in the world.  Any anxieties that you may feel at home will be left at home.  It’s a great way to communicate and have fun with each other.

If you would rather holiday in Europe, have a look here for some ideas of romantic breaks on the Continent.

So, where is your next vacation to?