Buy an iPhone 6 – Why and Where and How

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First of all, I love my iPhone 6.

buy an iphone 6

I need a phone like I need my thumbs.  And that is very much!  

See, we don’t believe in landlines in our house, preferring instead to do all our communication by cell phones.  Whether that be texting, messaging, sending pics, or Facetime, Twitter and Hotmail.  Banking, listening to music and writing shopping lists also need to be done on my phone too!

I love that these days you can do everything you need on one device.

Actually, I have a 6s which is the best ‘S’ upgrade Apple has achieved so far apparently.  It’s a little fatter and heavier, and more importantly now comes in the rose gold colour which is so pretty.  And also the aluminium of the casing is better quality so you don’t get any of that bendiness that scandalised the last release.

I treated my 6 fairly badly.  It didn’t have a case on it, and I smashed it to smithereens and submerged it in water all within a week.  This destroyed the camera, the screen and the microphone at first, and then after another week, it completely died, leaving me phone-less.

Luckily I was nearly at the end of my contract, so I was able to get another phone for a good deal.

So, why, where and how could I buy an iPhone 6?


buy an iphone 6The iPhone has always been the best looking phone in my humble opinion.

It is sexy, it comes in cute colours and the aluminium backing is very stylish.  

It is slimmer than its counterparts too and very lightweight.

I enjoy using the Apple app store, finding it easy to navigate and download.  The apps on there are mostly really easy to use and the major ones update flawlessly every time.  It is also user friendly for the bluetooth functions for my car and wireless speaker.

I also have an Apple MacBook Air which is an advantage as it really works best if all of your devices are on the same page.  I mean, I am sure there are ways around having an Apple laptop and a Samsung phone paired, but that just doesn’t seem as seamless as the Apple to Apple integration.  And I am just not savvy with things like that!

Airdrop!  What a cool function!  

This allows you to transfer photos from your phone straight to your computer, or another iPhone by tapping the icon on the screen.  You can transfer heaps of stuff at a time so quickly.  It is something I use on an almost daily basis.

I have 2 phones that I use regularly.  My favourite is the iPhone 6s, and my other work phone is a Samsung S5.

buy an iphone 6


buy an iphone 6
Samsung left vs iPhone6 right

I find the Samsung really clunky to use compared the iPhone.  

One thing is the keypad for messages, the keys are really tiny!  This leads to me sending messages with heaps of errors in them.

I am always making typing errors and the iPhone has an autocorrect, as well as a function to undo typing if you give it a little shake!

The iPhone camera is great and you can easily take one-handed selfies buy an iphone 6using the front camera and the volume keys on the side for the shutter.  The Samsung has a better camera apparently, especially in the later models, but despite this, the iPhone is easier to use!

There is old Siri, but meh… She doesn’t do much for me.  I think you are either a Siri person or no.  I am definitely the latter!

But Siri is a cool function nonetheless.

Apple has some special little shortcuts like when you hold down the . button to get the .com/.net/.org suffixes when entering website addresses.  Or double clicking the spacebar to get a ‘.’

buy an iphone 6

The battery life is impressive and if you need to charge it in a super-fast hurry, simply put in into flight mode to see the battery bar zoom up to full.

buy an iphone 6Another cool function I use is when I want to do some sneaky browsing at night in bed without disturbing my husband.  You select Settings>General>Accessibility and choose Turn on Invert Colours for an awesome view that won’t strain your eyes.

I can’t take a photo of it, because it just reverts to normal, but it is really awesome.  Try it!


Anyway, I knew it was another iPhone 6 I was after, but I didn’t really know where to buy and iPhone 6, so it got me looking!


I found we have basically got 2 choices.  You can either buy your phone outright and get a prepaid sim, or go on a 24 month contract where you pay an extra $20 per month or so on top of your phone plan and after the 2 years, the phone is yours.

Both ways have their pros and cons.  

A new iPhone 6 costs around $500USD on Amazon.

Or you can get a second hand one cheaper on eBay.

Beware buying second hand as you will be without the warranty and you may have to pay a fee to unlock the phone if it comes off a specific carrier’s plan.

If you get it direct from a phone shop you might pay more in the beginning, but then you will have face-to-face support if things go wrong.  I have found Apple to always be helpful though and problems were resolved quickly on the odd occasion when I have had to contact them for problems with my iPods in the past.


So, if you need a phone, check out the above options to buy an iPhone 6.

I ended up going with a plan from my carrier which gave me a whole new iPhone 6 along with a great 24 month plan, I even added insurance for $100/per month.

I think I definitely need the insurance part so I don’t ruin my brand new phone so quickly this time.  And yes, I have got an awesome case and a tempered glass screen for even more protection.

What do you guys think?  Samsung or iPhone?  Buy outright, or go on a plan?






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    Taking A Leap Of Faith

    Everything they do, they do on their phone, whether that be listening to music, email, FaceTime, Twitter, banking, or texting. And not that you can’t do this on any smartphone but they have a passion for their iPhone 6S’s. Not only do they like the look of the phone itself, but they love the apps that apple provides. Plus their laptop is a Macbook Air, so it’s all simpatico. Samsung may have a better camera, but iPhones camera is way easier to use. Of course there is Siri, and you either love Siri or hate it, they don’t really care for it, so don’t use that function. If you want to use the phone at night and not disturb your mate, you can invert the colors and not have a bright screen waking them up. You either buy the phone outright or buy it on an installment plan. Both have their pros and cons, but you have to really look at the installment plan because you don’t want to pay more than the phone is really worth. Of course you can always try a second hand on from eBay. Of course if you do that, you don’t get the insurance. So depending on how rough you are with your phones, you may not want to go that route.

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