Eat More Kale!

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kaleThere is such a buzz around kale these day.  It has come along way from a little known curly green leafy vegetable into a phenomenal thing found in a huge number of fridges around the world.

But exactly what is it about kale that makes it the superfood that everyone proclaims it to be?  And is it as good as they say?

The short answer is:

YES!kaleHere are 6 reasons you should eat more Kale:

1. Zero Fat

Containing only 36 calories per cup and zero fat, Kale is only full of goodness in the form of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

2. Magnesium

Without magnesium, our muscles would be in a constant state of contraction.  So it is an essential part of any balanced diet.

3. High in Iron

One cup of kale contains more iron than a big piece of steak.  

Iron is a mineral that is needed for our bodies as it essential for carrying oxygen throughout the body via the red blood cells and it helps our muscles to store and use oxygen.  Kale

Iron also helps with the way enzymes digest our foods effectively.

4. High in Fibre

Fibre aids digestion by keeping the waste moving through your gut helping to prevent constipation and more serious illness such as diverticulitis.

It will also help hunger cravings by creating a feeling of fullness for longer which will help with weight loss.

5. Contains Vitamins A, C & K

Vitamin A benefits your eyes and skin, Vitamin C is a great immune booster and Vitamin K has been shown to prevent various cancers and Alzheimer’s as well as assisting with bone health.

kale4. High in Calcium

Dairy foods and rich leafy greens such as kale are the best foods to ensure an adequate dietary intake of calcium.

Kale actually contains more calcium per calorie than milk does!  

Calcium is what makes our bones strong and without enough, bones can become brittle from a condition called osteoporosis as our stocks deplete leading to fractures, especially in later life.

5. Anti-Oxidant Rich

Anti-oxidants reduce free radicals in the blood.  Free radicals are molecules which, if allowed to roam unchecked can cause widespread cell damage leading to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Any anti-oxidant rich foods are of great benefit to life!  

6. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Essential for lowering triglyceride levels and decreasing your risk of heart disease and also crucial in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis pain. These fatty acids can also decrease the incidence of asthma and Alzheimer’s disease.  kale

Superfoods are the best way for your body to get the nutrients you need without resorting to expensive supplements.  

And the nutrient-dense kale certainly packs a punch that is hard to compete with.  If you want to grow old together with your partner, eat more kale!

In my house we have green smoothies daily as a way to get our daily dose of goodness.  How do you get yours?