GHD Hair Straightener – Product Review

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I am reviewing this product because I love it, it’s something I use every day!  The GHD hair straightener is affordable and good looking and it does its job amazingly well!

ghd hair straightener

I am not the only one who thinks it’s great, with 76% of Amazon customers also giving it a 5 star rating.  That’s 4.4 stars out of 5 on average.

ghd hair straightener

Price: $115USD for the  ghd Classic Styler 1″
or $121USD for the Ghd Gold Professional Styler Iron, 2 Inches

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty upon registration of product

My Rating: 5/5

Recommend? Yes!

Size Options

The GHD comes in 2 basic sizes, a 1″ or a 2″.  

This is the width of the ceramic plates and while I prefer the 1″ personally due to its compact size, with the 2″ you can do bigger sections of hair at once, which will be a time saver for sure!

This would be especially great if you are someone that straightens your hair daily.

There is also a 1/2″ available as a travel purse size for those all important touch ups when you are out!

Sleek, Sexy Design

This is a sleek and stylish design with the smoothest plates to make straightening hair of all lengths and types so much easier.

ghd hair straightener


Another great feature is the 30 minute sleep time which is an awesome safety mechanism allowing it to automatically turn off after half an hour of inactivity. No more wondering if you remembered to turn the straightener off after you have left the house!  

Heat Protection for You and Your Benchtop

It heats up super fast but the body remains fully cool and light with a protective plate guard to pack it safely away as soon as you have finished doing your hair.

Travel Proofghd hair straightener

The GHD also has universal voltage which means you can take it with you wherever in the world you go!

Heat Protection for Your Hair

The GHD Straightener has super cool technology which ensures even heat distribution and automatic temperature control over the plates.

Because the plates get awesomely super hot, I would recommend the use of a protective hair serum as well.  

GHD makes a heat protect spray which is great, or there are plenty of other serums based on an Argan oil recipe which smell great and work well to not only protect your hair from heat damage, but also give it a smoother sleeker look.

ghd hair straightenerCurls

You can create beautiful curls and flicks as well as just straightening with the GHD with its specially contoured plates and rounded barrels.

Special Editions

GHD regularly release a bunch of special edition straighteners with extra design features and groovy colours.  Look out for these!


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ghd hair straightener

ghd hair straightener

ghd hair straightenerLong-lasting Greatness

I have had an original GHD Straightener for over 6 years now and it still works as well as it did on the day I bought it.  

In those days the price was closer to $350 for one so I am excited to see how much cheaper they are now!  I think they are totally worth every penny for the money you save on visits to the salon.

Are you already a GHD fan?




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  1. 1

    Hello, I just recently discovered your website, and I really like it. It seems that you really want to help people, and I appreciate it! I really respect people who are trying something new and helping others! This particular product looks really good and it’s definitely worth the price. I’ll definitely consider buying it for my girlfriend as a present.

    • 2

      Hi Julius, thanks for taking the time to comment today! I think the price really reflects the quality of the product. As I said I bought mine for double that price about 6 years ago so I think they seem cheap actually!

      Your girlfriend will love it!

  2. 3

    I have a hair straightener too but it’s collecting dust in the drawer. I once saw on youtube how someone had her hair singed by a hair straightener and after that, I was afraid to use mine.

    Is the GHD hair straightener safe to be used every day? I like that it is travel-friendly and has a universal voltage for convenience.

    • 4

      Yvonne, the GHD has special technology that automatically adjusts the temperature to keep it consistent along the bars. I also recommend the use of a hair protectant serum above, that not only protects your hair from heat damage, but gives you a more professional look too.

      So yes, it is safe to be used every day!

  3. 5


    Thanks for the review. My sister is always wrestling with her hair, trying to tame it. This straightener sounds like it would be perfect for her needs, and not too outrageously priced either! She hasn’t really ever thought about the potential products that can help her with her problem, so I’ll be sure to recommend this to her. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I really appreciate it 🙂

    Thanks again,


    • 6

      Hi Sarraa,

      Glad to be able to help! I hope your sister finds the GHD the solution to tame her unruly locks.

      Cheers, Kris

  4. 7

    Seems like a nice straightener. I’m a guy and Ive always wanted to buy one for a special someone since she looks amazing with straight hair. But I didn’t know whats good. now I got an idea of what I might get. I think 115 for a nice straightener is good. Don’t you think? Thanks.

    • 8

      Fernando, this straightener is the best you can buy for this very reasonable price. When I bought the same one from Australia about 6 years ago, it cost about 3 times as much so I definitely think that the GHD is a great price.

      A great gift for someone special!

      Regards, Kris

  5. 9

    Hi Kris

    Do you have to blow dry your hair first before using the GHD? Also how long does it take for you to straighten or curl your hair? My issue with the time taken to do it and because it’s so humid where I am from, my hair gets frizzy. I know serum would help this, but does it make your hair feel heavy and clumpy?


    • 10

      Hi Melanie, I am glad you asked. For best results and to protect your hair from damage, you should use a straightener on dry hair.

      For frizzy hair, the serum plus the GHD straightener would be of great benefit to you. It is humid where I live to and i get great, long lasting results. And no, the serum is like a light oil, and you use it very sparingly so it doesn’t make your hair feel heavy but looks professional and sleek.

      Thanks for the comment, Kris

  6. 11

    As someone who uses GHD straighteners, I can also attest to the fact that they are different to all the other brands – they are powerful and you get results very quickly. I do question though, if they have the same safety as other straighteners as they are so powerful. Ii think I might upgrade mine as its quite old

    • 12

      The GHD brand of straighteners uses ceramic plates with overall consistent heat technology so they are very safe to use. They also have the automatic turn off function which is a great safety feature for peace of mind. My GHD is over 6 years old now and it even has this feature which shows me that they have always been at the forefront of safety.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. 13
    Jovon Williams

    I showed my gf this site and she booked marked it haha, I guess you can expect to make a sale for her one of these days. Site seems really helpful and saves the user the hassle of having to go out search for the items them selves. Keep up the good work !

    • 14

      That’s cool Jovon! Thank you for showing your girlfriend.

      I hope you can both find what you are looking for here.

      Cheers, Kris

  8. 15

    Hi there,
    thanks for your review on the ghd hair straightener.
    I don’t have a ghd. I have a cheaper version one. I tend to use it may once or twice a month.
    It works just fine for me but am I missing out? What is so great about the ghd that would make me want to swap over from my trusty yet cheaper version?

    • 16

      Hi Paula,

      The GHD will make you want to swap from your current straightener because, well, it is just all round better. With the safety features combined with superior straightening using the intensive ceramic heating bars, it really is a straightener with so much to offer. They are very stylish and ergonomic with a longer cord and one touch activation too.

      And they come in cool limited edition designs just for fun.

      I would recommend if you know someone who has one, have a try and you won’t regret it I promise!

      Thanks, Kris

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