How I Got Off the Couch – Running for Beginners

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Running for BeginnersToday I went for a run.

It was quite a momentous occasion actually.  I got off the couch, I donned some super hot running kit, I dialled up my Spotify to the ‘Upbeat Workout’ playlist, and off I went.

It all went pretty well until I reached the first hill.  Then I thought to myself, as I slowed down to a fast paced walk, I should have researched some sort of tips on Running for Beginners like me!  So I know where to start!  Surely I am biting off more than I can chew here!

There is a plethora of information out there and a lot of things to help get you on your way into running superstardom.

Firstly you must ask the question: What am I trying to achieve?

If the answer is the same as me – a little bit of tone and a little bit of fitness and 20 minutes to myself everyday, then I might be able to help you!

Running for Beginners

I am a busy mother of 3.  I can’t always get to the gym and, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t paid for a gym membership in years because my kids never liked the creche.  I was the mother who got halfway through her step class only to be tapped on the shoulder by the child care lady with your inconsolable child in her arms.  That sort of embarrassment only serves to really dampen your gym mojo.

So my new plan is to run around this hilly circuit near my house daily for the next month and see where it gets me.

Step 1: Set a goal.  Running for Beginners

See above.  That is my goal.  What is yours?  Note I have started off small.  The circuit is only about 2 kilometres (or 1 and a half miles) long but it has quite a few dynamic hills.  The track is right near my house, and best of all, it is free! The first time I completed the circuit, I virtually walked the whole way to the beat of my ‘Upbeat Workout’ songs, but I barely worked up a sweat.  The second time around I discovered I could jog little bits of it and then walk in between until my heart stopped beating out of my chest and I stopped seeing stars.  Then jog again, etc etc.  I managed to get quite red in the face doing this one.  The third visit to the hill involved a little more jogging, a little more sweat and I finally felt a tiny little bit of excitement.  Me running may actually be a real thing!

This is why it is important to set some realistic goals.  Realistic goals are ones that can be achieved and then, you can reach a bit higher once each level is reached.

Step 2: Accessorise.

When you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you run with more spring in your step.  Get yourself a hot new kit and equip yourself for running or walking.  I think that if you spend some money on new exercise gear, you really are obligated to use it.  If you leave it sitting at the back of the cupboard, your guilt will not serve you well.  I really love Asics running shoes.  They have great support and comfort and are reasonably priced.  It’s good to get some all rounders for a start.  Amazon sells these

Find a nice flattering outfit.  Here are some examples of the things I like to wear.  Be kind to your body type, and remember black hides a multitude of sins.


I need music to get me going.  Strapped to my arm I have my iPhone 6s streaming the best high voltage workout beats courtesy of Spotify.  This gives me so much motivation and peps me up with so much excitement that I’m usually sad when it’s over!  Try “Upbeat Workout” in the browse categories.


Step 3. Set time aside and make it a habit.

As I’ve already mentioned I have 3 small children.  And I live in a tropical climate zone so with all the factors combined, the best time for me to jog is about 5pm.  I ensure it only takes about 20mins all up and, once my husband is home from work, I am out the door.  If I make the run a part of my day, as essential as brushing my teeth, then I will make sure it happens.

Running for Beginners

Step 4. Involve your family.

If your partner wants the same things in life, encourage them to join in.  My kids are too young now, I would only be dragging and carrying them around the track but maybe one day they will be keen to join me too.  Perhaps you have a dog who requires some daily exercise – great excuse!  Maybe you have a friend that lives nearby that will be keen for an afternoon walk.  If you don’t want to do it on your own, find someone to do it with you but remember, it’s not a gossip session and you can’t take a wine with you (sad but true) so choose your running partner carefully!  Personally, I relish that 20minutes of ‘me’ time and I am keeping it just so.

Step 4.  Have fun with it and reap the rewards.

Let your little goal achievements motivate you to set further goals, both running goals and life goals.  After a month of daily running, the boost to my fitness and health with be amazing.  Better fitness means less tiredness which means better concentration and more meaningful work.  Less tiredness will lead to being able to stay up after the kids are asleep and have proper conversations with my husband which could convert to more action in the bedroom.  This, along with a more toned and fit hot body will definitely lead to greater self-esteem which is good on so many levels!


Stay tuned and I will let you know how this running escapade of mine goes.  I am only 3 days in, 27 to go.  Come on, do it with me!  Please comment below if you have any tips.






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  1. 1

    Awesome website and awesome recommendations. I have gotten in the habit of going on a run at least three times a week and I find that if I do, it becomes a lot easier to focus on my day to day work. When we run there are endorphins that are released, and these feel good hormones are what make us feeling good the rest of the day.

    • 2

      Thanks for your comments JP! I totally agree about endorphins.

      Exercise has so many benefits including making you feel good. Once you take that first step, there is no looking back. Enjoy!

  2. 3

    Love the idea of being free. However, I have a problem. There are no hills in my area. Do you think my workouts can be as effective as the ones you are doing?

    We all have to start somewhere so I guess I will just made do with whatever I have for now. Another question I have to ask is whether you eat before you go for your run?

    I don’t really like the idea of running with no energy, but I don’t like to run with food rolling around my stomach either. What’s your opinion on this?

    • 4

      Hi Blame, great point there about what to eat before a run. I find that I can’t go on a fully empty stomach or a fully full stomach so I make sure I have something substantial about an hour before I am off for a run. If I am starving right before running I will have a big drink of water and maybe something nutrient dense like a fruit smoothie, or a banana or muesli bar, then wait a further 15 minutes, before running.

      If you eat immediately before running, your blood flow which should be focussing on digestion will be drawn instead to your legs and can cause cramping.

      The lack of hills around your area makes little difference if you are starting out running. Just get started on the flat and you will know when you are ready to challenge. Interval training at the gym might be possible once you are ready.

      Good luck with your running!


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