How to Have a Good Day When you are Feeling Down

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If you start the day by getting out of the wrong side of the bed, sometimes a bad feeling just stays with you for the whole day.

Some signs that you may be getting run down or exhausted are :

  • Feeling cranky or snappy
  • Headache
  • Starting to come down with a cold or other viral infection
  • Sore muscles
  • Stressed about work
  • Emotional

I had one of these days recently.  

I had been burning the candle at both ends.  Work was giving me the shits.  The kids had been sick and waking me up multiple times at night.  I had a big weekend with very late nights/early mornings and too much alcohol.  And I had sore muscles from a wakeboarding session where I used muscles I never even knew I had!

So one morning I woke up with a groan and just wanted to roll over and bury my head and have a day off from adulting.  Can’t someone else do it for me today?  Unfortunately the answer was no.  So I had to get on with it.

But in doing so, I developed 8 great methods for how to have a good day despite feeling low.

Yoga1. Stretch

Have a good intensive stretch session.  

Stretching those sore muscles out will help you to feel better by releasing endorphins and by relieving the pain.

If you have a partner handy, get him to lend a hand!  My husband and I have some great couples yoga moves that we can do together.  It really makes for a fun session!

2. Massage

Having a bad dayAgain, if you have a partner handy…. I am super lucky to have a husband who loves to massage, and is good at it!  So if I mention my sore muscles in passing, he is great at getting out the massage oil and relieving my tension.

Otherwise, pay a professional.

Nothing makes you feel more relaxed than a massage.  

3. Drink Water

WaterIf you are rundown, you need to help your body recover by replenishing your fluids.  This will also help you to prevent any viruses from taking over your body.

From all my drinking beer and wakeboarding, I was likely a little dehydrated.  I also went to the pharmacy and got some electrolyte balancing solution to help with this.

Dehydration is a medical condition and can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked.  

Start each day by drinking a large glass of water before you even get out of bed.  Then have a bottle of water at your elbow all day.

Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

4. Rest

Sleep is all healing.  

Our body needs sleep to replenish its stocks.  Due to the fact that I had missed out on some vital hours, I was really feeling it.

Try to catch up on some sleep by having an afternoon nap, and by having a series of early nights.

Kale5. Get some Vitamins

The best way to get some vitamins into your system is to make a Green Smoothie.

This will involve blending up fresh fruit, coconut water, a creamy fruit such as banana and a green leafy vegetable such as kale as spinach.

A massive dose of good stuff delivered in an easy to digest form straight to your gut!

See my Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes Here!

6. Have a Hot Shower or Bath

I’ve got a 2 year old so for me, a relaxing bath is a rarity without getting splashed or having to play with the rubber fish.  But I asked my husband to watch her for half an hour, an I snuck off to the bath and I locked the door.

WaterAdd some bath salts or essential oils and bliss out in the hot water.  

A nice hot shower can also have some awesome healing properties and make you feel heaps better too!

7. Get Some Fresh Air

Going for a walk around the block can really help with a low mood.

Getting your circulation moving, breathing in the fresh air, and simply having a change of scenery can all be mood changers. 

8. Have a Break From Reality

Curl up with your Kindle, or watch a movie.
Just vegging out and losing yourself in some fiction is amazing if you are having a crap day.  It’s like having some time off from adulting.  Sometimes all you need is a break!

I hope I have been able to help if you are having a bad day.  You need to nip it in the bud before you become so run down that you get sick.

Remember if this feeling persists, please see your doctor.

Think about changing your habits so that feeling run down in the morning is not the norm.  Exercise more, eat a balanced diet, drink less alcohol and more water and get plenty of sleep.  These tips will help you on your way to feeling great all the time!

What sort of things do you like to do to stop you from getting run down?