Keep the Spark Alive

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IMG_0463Keeping the spark alive in any relationship takes work.

Here’s some relationship tips for men and women and some special ways to help keep the spark alight.

Cleaning the House Wearing Fishnets

Kegels for Men for Sexual Performance

Romantic Songs

Relationship Tips for Men

Relationship Tips for Women

Ways to Surprise your Partner

Be it 5 or 10 or 20 or 50 years since your partnership began, the honeymoon period inevitably has ended and what takes over is the day-to-day stuff.  The mundane life stuff.  The only meaningful conversation some couples end up having is what to get from the grocery store, and who’s turn it is to take out the garbage!

What we all need to do on a daily basis is remember to appreciate each other.

The little things are what makes a relationship great.

Intimacy, be it both in and out of the bedroom is imperative.  We all know what goes on inside the bedroom, but out in public it might be as little as a complement on her hair, or his shirt, a peck on the cheek, or a lingering touch as you walk by.  These small nuances let the other partner know that you are acknowledging them and appreciating them.

Don’t ever forget what bought you together in the first place.  What was that thing they did or that certain way they smiled that crooked smile that made you weak at the knees?

Remember your special occasions:

Mother’s Day

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Go on holidays together.

With or without the kids if you can manage it.  Holidays, even family holidays make us fall in love all over again, every time!  It’s when you’ve got freedom from the mundane domesticity that you can really appreciate each other again!

Go Camping to Revitalise your Relationship

Best Romantic Getaway

Romantic City Breaks – Europe

Find a new hobby and explore it together.

We bought a motorbike, and some paddle boards, and a caravan, and together we created new interests.

Go on a Date.

Family Movie Date Night

Cool Date Ideas

We will be exploring all these topics and more within Keeping the Spark Alive.  If there is anything in particular that we can help you with please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the comments box.




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