Live the Balanced Life – Keep it Real

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Life is all about balance.  No matter which way you look at it and whatever you do, you must always strive to live the balanced life.  


balanceYour relationship with your partner is the thing that you need to most monitor and maintain if you want to be happy and live a balanced life.

By husband and I have fights, sure.  But then we make up.  I am the calm to his excitement and the organised to his spontaneous.  We complement each other in harmony.

Spending time both together and apart is good for couples and it is also important to spend time with your friends as well.  If you have children, getting a babysitter for the night so you can have an uninterrupted conversation once in a while is fun.

However too much time with or without any group can have detriment to another group.  For example if you spend too much time with your friends, your husband might feel neglected.


Keep the delicate balance between yourself and your partner, your friends and your children.

Work and Play

Work is the thing that we need to do in order to survive.  

It’s true that you should work to live, and not live to work.

We need to earn money so that we can play.  The more we work, the more money you might have, but then you won’t have the time or energy needed to have fun.

People need to have a release every now and then.  It is important for your balanced lifesanity to do something fun on a regular basis and not just work all the time.  This can be going out, or staying in, having coffee with friends, date nights, sport, hobby, holidays or more!

I work part time 2 days a week for a nursing service.  The pretty much covers my mortgage, and gives me plenty of time to look after the kids and house and do plenty of fun stuff in between.  In my house my husband is the breadwinner, and he works hard during the week, but is never too tired to play on the weekend!

When we were younger with fewer commitments we used to work 3 month contracts, and then go backpacking for 6 months.  Now that’s a great balance!

Diet and Exercise

Balance is totally the key here.  Everything in moderation.  

When my kids started at school we learned the term ‘sometime food’.  And that is how we run our house.  Plenty of fresh fruit and whole foods, very little processed foods or preservatives.  Something from each food group, each day and sugar is definitely a sometimes food.

No fizzy drinks for the kids and some alcohol is allowed for the adults.  We always have chocolate in the house, but we only eat it sometimes.  Chocolate causes a release of endorphins which is a ‘feel good’ hormone which is always important in life.

Jogging for BeginnersExercising also leads to an endorphin release so when you spend long periods of time sitting on the couch you should balance it with some exercise or else you are missing out on vital good feelings not to mention the health benefits.

You need to be able to balance having too much good food or alcohol with periods where you do not indulge as much.


Budgeting is all about balance.  

Just make sure that what comes in is more than what goes out. It sounds quite simple yet it can be hard!  balanced life

Credit cards allow you to spend money that you don’t have and it is important to be strict with spending unless your income is sufficient to cover it.

Otherwise you will end up with a negative balance!

You can create the life you want to live and live the balanced life by keeping everything in perspective and not neglecting any segments.