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So, exactly what qualifies me to provide excellent love and relationship advice?

The answer is a simple one:

I am one half of an absolutely ultimate couple.

love and relationships adviceMy husband and I are that couple that you see from time to time and wonder just what is their secret.

We are in our mid-to-late thirties with 3 children and 3 mortgages.  We care about our appearances taking time to exercise and we motivate each other to look our best.  We have a nice house, and a nice car, and we are quite comfortably rooted in the middle class.

The love is there, it runs deep.

It’s a fire and we keep it constantly lit.  campfire

We and our relationship have evolved and changed over the years and we believe that now, more than ever we have gained such a depth of experience and knowledge that we can begin to share our tips with you all.

So, stay tuned dear reader, and you will unearth a great resource which will continue to inspire and delight you daily.

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Please comment below if there are any topics that are close to your heart that you would like me to cover, or share if you dare.




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