Marital Money

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Marital MoneyMoney is the root of all evil.  It is also needed by everyone to survive.  You can have happiness without money and vice versa.  We are going to help you have both money and happiness!  They can go hand in hand.

Many of the arguments we have had over our years of marriage are based on money.  We have developed some great tips to help with your family budget over the years.

He doesn’t make enough, she spends too much, she doesn’t earn enough, schooling costs too much, bills piling up etc, you know the drill.

Whether it’s tips on saving money, spending money effectively or tips on how to make some extra bucks, Absolute Couple can help you out.

For years we have consisted on one full-time working husband with one stay-at-home mum or part-time working mum.  Pre-children we travelled the world on minimum wage and now with 3 children and a better wage, we have 3 houses and a great car and our kids go to private school.

But with money, you are never content.  Now we are nearing our 40s, we are searching for ingenious ways to make more money and to take the pressure of time and mortgages and real estate values away from us.

Working as a team, Brian and I have implemented financial goals for the future which every little step we take leads us towards.

We can show you how to make some extra money from the safety and convenience of your very own home.



All you need is an internet connection!

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