Mother’s Day Dates – Mark it on Your Calendar

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In Australia and USA we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

It is a day to reflect on and appreciate our Mother’s and the tradition of giving gifts began as a way to thank our Mother or Mother figure for the sacrifices they have made.

All Mothers know it is generally a thankless job but being a mother is also the best job in the world.  

Mother's Day

For all the sleepless nights and uneaten dinners, tantrums and mess, there is so much love and beauty.  The random kisses and gorgeous smiles and spontaneous declarations of love that nothing else compares to.

Mother's DayThe little ones grow up and a mother’s job evolves.  It changes from bottles and nighttime cuddles to homework and taxi-ing to extra-curricular activities and friends houses.

Then we watch them grow further into adults.  The heartstrings stretch a little longer for the babies they once were, but the bond will never break.

When our children have their own children our relationship evolves even further as they finally have some understanding of what it might have been like for their own mother and they look at Mum with a new level of respect and adoration.

Your Mother is the expert on everything from how to make gravy and fold fitted sheets, to how to soothe a crying child and the best way to grow tomatoes.

Appreciate your Mother every day, for you never know when you won’t have her anymore.  But thank her especially on Mother’s day!

Sunday May 8 2016

Sunday May 14 2017

Sunday May 13 2018

Sunday May 12 2019

Sunday May 10 2020


Some Mother’s Day gift ideas might include:

  • Breakfast or lunch at a park or somewhere out for the day with all the family
  • A voucher for beauty therapy or massage, something to pamper her
  • Music
  • A visit to the theatre or moviesflower
  • Flowers and chocolates are always appreciated!
  • As we are currently experiencing Autumn in Australia, slippers and dressing gowns are always popular
  • Hand made craft items from the little ones or a handmade card with a nice poem
  • Jewellery

Happy Mother’s Day!