Orgasm – When was your last one?

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OrgasmWhen was mine?  Well, my last all body earth-shattering spine-tingling orgasm was last night.  Here in this very house, with my own husband and no other props or accessories.

If you continue reading, I will give you the ingredients for orgasm.



  1. Atmosphere.  This is about the entire day you have had.  If you have had a crap day at work, it’s a bad atmosphere.  If you have just finished nagging your husband for they way he just won’t clean up for dinner for the millionth time, it’s not going to work.  Let me tell you about our atmosphere.  We had had a few days off our regular lovemaking sessions as Brian had been sick with the flu.  (Not very romantic I tell you).  I cooked something equally healthy and delicious then we all sat down to dinner, we had the usual shitfight with the kids to get them to eat anything, then complained about how much mess they made on the floor.  Huh-uh – deep breath.  Then I sat down to do some work on the laptop, my husband dutifully cleaned up the kitchen.  I performed my nightly bedtime ritual of getting the kids to bed and sleep then together we spent a very calm hour of side by side laptop clicking while sipping tea.
  2. Timing.  Timing is everything, and it follows on from atmosphere.  Don’t try to seduce your partner at the wrong time.  Let them complete the tasks they need to get done first, or else they will turn you down flat.  We needed to get our computer work done first so Orgasmthat then we could go to bed with clear minds.
  3. Set the mood.  Candles are good.  Music can help too, although, we always have trouble picking the right music and end up wasting 10 minutes skipping through songs on Spotify, and turn it off in the end anyway.  The temperature is also important.  If the room is too cold to be naked in, it’s not going to be any fun getting naked.  If it’s too hot, it’s going to be a sweaty unpleasant mess.  So, set the thermostat to suit you both.
  4. OrgasmLook sexy.  You don’t need to especially wear a costume to these events, but come on, you know what’s coming.  All the signs are there.  There has been a 4 day drought, you have been looking each other all evening with those come-fuck-me eyes, and the sexual tension has been thick enough to cut with a knife.  At least make sure you have shaved your legs!  Knee high fishnets and a g-string works Orgasmtoo, but remember it’s all going to look better on the floor anyway.
  5. Foreplay.  So you have done all you can to set the scene, the next step is to massage your partner.  Give him/her an all over body massage.  Use cream or oil if you prefer but rub each other all over until the anticipation gets unbearable.
  6. Cunnilingus.  This is where the real art is.  I am lucky to have a husband who is a real artist.  And who loves to do it!  Honestly guys, if you don’t have the talent here, practice.  There are courses.  Get the skills you need. Click Here! Train.  And ladies, I know some women are not into the oral thing either and that’s ok, as long as both of you are on the same page.  I was never really into it that much.  I always thought vaginas were kind of gross, and I felt sorry for my husband diving in there.  But if you ensure that it is clean, and groomed, (look good, feel good!) you will both feel much happier about cunnilingus.
  7. Have an Earth-shattering orgasm.  I have inserted this orgasm here, at the end of cunnilingus and before actual coitus because, this is my recipe, and for me, this is where the orgasm fitted in nicely.  To have an orgasm, you need to let it happen.  You can have no distractions or worries, and you need to have focus.  It won’t happen if you don’t let it happen.  Focus on your partner,  on your togetherness, and let the beauty of the moment and the feeling carry you away.  Breathe deeply.  My husband likes to build me up with excitement, then slow down, then build me up higher, then slow down again.  Then build me up so high that I can’t bear it any longer, then it’s an all over back arching intensity that’s awesomeness defies explanation.  It can’t be matched by anything on earth.  Click Here! for more tips on how to cause an orgasm.
  8. OrgasmCoitus.  After the orgasm I just had, this is almost just a formality.  But after all my husband has just done for me, I owe it to him to enjoy this bit too.
  9. The end.  We laugh, we clean up and we look at each other with soft loving eyes.  All tension is gone.  For the next 24hours, this orgasm will have a residual affect of calm lust as we recall the moment to ourselves every now and then.  It was a very beautiful thing.

OrgasmNot all orgasms are earth shattering, and not all love-making is spine-tingling.  And that is fine.  That means, like a normal couple we have ups and downs.  Sometimes your libido is more on fire than others.  And that’s ok.  Sometimes sex is perfunctory, and sometimes its amazing.  But that is real!  It’s balanced.  Sex and intimacy is the most important thing in making your relationship stand the test of time.  Make it happen and your love will last a lifetime.

So, when was your last one?





If you want any help perfecting your cunnilingus, try this:

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