Part Time Jobs From Home – 8 Places to Look

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Jobs from HomeOk you have taken the first step.  You have decided that you need to research more about part time jobs from home.

There are many reasons why you want to work from home.  My reason is I am a busy mother of 3 small children and once I take the boys to school and kindy, and spend the day with my 2 year old, there is not much time (or energy) left to go to work.  Not to mention the logistics and cost of childcare.  So I look for ways to earn money while I can still be a present mother to my children.Jobs from home

Some people may have a very specific skill set that enables them to provide a set of services to others without actually having any physical contact.  Some others have trouble maintaining an acceptable level of social interaction and interpersonal communication when outside their home so turn to the internet for ways to earn money.

You may want to work from home because you think it will be easy street. No colleagues and office politics, no nasty boss to deal with, no commuting and no bad coffee!  All this may be true, but you also have to be able to manage your time and schedule and have great organisational Jobs from homeskills.  You need a workspace, and enough time to spend to make something worthwhile.  Bear in mind that you also need to manage distractions as well, something that is usually easier at the quiet office.  Right now I am typing whilst answering questions from my 2 year old while Care Bears blares from the TV.  It’s getting toward midday, and I know I will need to feed us soon.  That’s my reality of working from home.  Snatching a quick half hour here and there in between school runs and bath times.  But with a little bit of desire and a lot of determination, it can work!

Luckily for us, there are so many part time jobs from home available now. You just need to know where to look.

1. Use what you know

I am a nurse by trade.  It’s pretty hard to nurse patients, dress wounds and administer medication from home.  However, some nurses do part time nursing work from home providing phone line advice to the public.  There are help lines for people to ring if they are unsure whether or not they need to get to the emergency room, or if they can hold off and get an appointment with a doctor instead.  Graphic designers, surveyors, marketers, investors, all of these can work from a home office.  If you are working in an office, and think you could do the same or a better job from home, approach your boss and ask.  jobs from homeSome companies offer this after a probation period of initially demonstrated performance in the office.  My husband works in the field as a surveyor 1-2 days a week then spends the other 3-4 days at his home office drawing plans and maps etc.  Or there are still others that work every 2nd week from the ‘home office’.  Be flexible in your approach and you will find many more opportunities.

2. Freelance WriterJobs from home

There are tons of websites out there that match your ability and experience to clients looking for someone to write articles, stories, biographies, captions, descriptions, reviews and more.  Approach websites directly with posts you have written specifically with them in mind.  Or, get your portfolio ready and bid for jobs online at many of the freelance writer websites.

Some are free:

GuruFreelance Writing, Upwork

Others like Real Writing Jobs cost a small fee to register Click Here! for details.

I recommend registering with them all and apply for any jobs that suit you.

Jobs from home3. Paid Surveys

This is another way to earn a part-time income from your own home.  You can earn a few dollars just by completing surveys on subjects that interest you. Companies pay good money for valuable information about what consumers want.  Get paid for providing this valuable service!

Click Here! for more details on one such program called Surveys Paid.

4. Sell your photographsJobs from home

Do you think you have what it takes to sell your photographs in a competitive online marketplace? Your shot may be just the one they may be looking for…..

Click Here! to learn more about how to market your photographs online.

5. Get creative.

Can you sew?  Are you crafty?  Can you use your skills to make an awesome product and then sell online?  Etsy is the place to go to make a profit with your craft.

Jobs from home

6. Get people to come to you.

Another awesome part time job you can do from home is an in home massage therapist, acupuncturist, hair dresser, beauty therapist, tutor, piano teacher, etc.  Go and get some skills and the people will flock to your door.  Do some research and find a niche, see what is missing from your area.  Deck out your spare bedroom as a consulting space, advertise on local bulletin boards and the newspaper and away you go.

Jobs from home7. Typing and Data Entry

For these jobs all you need is a computer and a good internet connection.  If you can type and can use basic office software, then this might be an answer for you.  You might have to begin earning next to nothing, but, like most careers, once you establish yourself, you can earn a basic wage!

Click Here! to find data entry jobs.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Create a website and make money using affiliate marketing.  This is where you allow other advertisers to place ads on your site, you provide the web traffic, and earn money every time someone follows your linked ad and makes a purchase.  If done correctly, this can be a very lucrative online gig.  All from the safety and comfort of your own home.  In your pyjamas if you like!  There are a few companies out there to make the world of affiliate marketing less scary.  The best one is Wealthy Affiliate with an online community of hundreds of thousands of people to help your every step.  And it’s free.  Click on the link below for more info:

There are many working from home opportunities out there and as long as you have the time and dedication to spend, you can succeed.

Part time jobs from home

I would love to answer any questions you have about today’s post.  Please comment in the space below.







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  1. 1

    The excitements that comes with the idea of making money online is so great that it takes time to really settle for what to do out of so many options online, you have done a good job by narrowing the options on this site, this has helped me very much. I have wasted time jumping from one home job program to the other, but now from what you have here, I can start right away.

  2. 3

    Hi there Kris,

    These are good ideas to start a career from home, but I want to make a small comment on Etsy.

    1)The store that you built in there doesn’t actually belongs to you because you don’t own the domain.
    2) Whenever you make a sale, Etsy will take a small commission cut from it.
    3) The online marketplace is highly competitive because it’s very easy to set up a store.

    Over the long period, you are better of selling craft products from your own website to a targeted audience with the help of the SiteRubix platform.

    • 4

      Hi Cathy, thank you for commenting. I agree that craft products for sale from your own website would be a much better idea over the long term. In future blogs I will endeavour to explore this in more detail.

      Etsy is the same as Ebay then isn’t it? You are selling and making a profit, but as long as your products are posted on someone else’s site, you are never going to make the whole amount.

      I guess you could start off selling of Etsy or Ebay to gauge response before starting your own website. It’s kind of like selling your products at the local weekend flea market before opening your own store.

      Thanks again,


  3. 5

    I hear you! It’s really hard being a Mom and trying to have it all, trying to find a job that is worthwhile and be there for your kids. It’s impossible!

    This is an excellent start to think about ideas to work from home. I want to take my time and look through each one, so it’s bookmarked to come back to.

    I just wanted to say, thanks for sharing!

    • 6

      Thanks Ruth, Sometimes it takes a little discontent to really search for something new out there. And there is a lot of cool stuff you can do that you will actually enjoy more than working 9 to 5. The best part is you can spend those important first years with your children at home.

      Glad to have helped!


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