Relationship Advice for Men – This is aimed at you!

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heart-shaped-fireworks-1560084It’s really difficult to find relationship advice for men specifically.  For some reason, material seems to be targeted principally at the woman within a heterosexual relationship.  So I asked Brian to come up with some tips for men on making a partnership work that is categorically aimed at someone like him.  Now, whatever your sexuality or gender, I know you will find these helpful!

Get in tune with your feminine side

As we all know, men tend to hide their relationship issues.  They don’t generally speak to anyone about their problems because it can make them feel weak.  However, if you can just get in touch with your sensitive side, and be more compassionate, you will have a ten times better relationship than a man who does not.

The key is to always be a fresh couple.flower

Keep re-inventing yourself over the long term.  This applies to both sides.  Don’t become complacent because this is where things get stale and problems can begin to creep in.  An ideal man is constantly mixing it up.  Buying new clothes, taking your wife on a surprise vacation, a random bunch of flowers – not to say ‘I’m sorry’ but rather ‘I love you’!  Go on a date night (kid-free if you can manage it) and surprise her with a special gift.

Complement the shit out of her!

Tell her that she is sexy, hot, gorgeous, smart, funny, vivacious.  Put her up on a pedestal and appreciate the way she pays the bills and washes the clothes and makes the kids their school lunches.

Fall in LoveTell her you love her.

Tell her often.  And mean it.

If you keep this up you will never get bored or unromantic and she will go crazy for you!

Which in return will translate into a healthier sex life which is an incredibly important part of a strong relationship.

Men are quite basic creatures – we all like getting attention, we like being cared for, we love being loved and touched; not that different from what a woman wants really.

We are not really that different.  So why is there this constant battle to separate and label us as different sides?

american-football-1440129-1280x960We are on the same team!

Sure, we have different roles and in some households this varies.  In our house, the man is the breadwinner, he goes to work, he earns the main money.  The wife looks after the kids, while also working part-time and on those days, husband looks after the kids.  The wife manages the finances and usually cooks the dinner.  The husband often cleans up after dinner and worries about the finances.  The housework usually falls on the wife to do, but the husband often helps too.  In fact, he does his share.

Kids may divide and conquer us.  kids

Because the women are the mothers, they tend to do more of the serious kid stuff (do your homework, brush your teeth, go to bed…) while the husband gets to be the ‘fun’ parent.  The husband may feel like he is missing out a bit sometimes, especially if he is away at work all day.  He also feels like the mother is giving all the attention away to the kids and can even get jealous of the affection that she bestows on them, not him.  But don’t get jealous.  Kids grow up.  Love them and protect them and in the end it will just be you and your wife.  So that’s the real relationship you need to protect and nurture.  After these years of interrupted conversations, hurried sexual encounters with a constant fear of being caught, uneaten dinners, endless kiddy cuddles and squishy kisses, school runs and college fees, they all go off without a second glance back.  One day it will be just the 2 of you again.  Protect that bond now.

I hope you guys have enjoyed Brian’s hot tips!  Next post we will be discussing the other side – Brian’s Relationship Advice for Women!

Stay tuned!