Relationship Advice for Women – A Man’s Perspective

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Relationship Advice for WomenFrom a man’s perspective, a partnership is different.  He sees things that a woman just does not see.  My husband Brian, who really is the greatest partner ever, has already provided us with some important relationship advice for men, and now has returned with his perspective on relationship advice for women:

How to Look After Your Husband or, Relationship Advice for Women – By Brian, a Husband.

If you are married or in a relationship with a man and you are wondering why he isn’t affectionate enough, it may not be his fault.  Husbands  can act in resentful ways and even be a trifle vindictive sometimes.  If you don’t show affection and care towards him, he will have the attitude of ‘fine, don’t touch me!’.

King and QueenWives, if you treat your husbands like kings, they will treat you like queens.

You don’t need to get into their heads as much as women or buy them flowers or gifts.  Just treat him with some spice, kiss him romantically and randomly, cuddle him from behind and tease – we like that game.

You may think that all we think about is sex, but that’s not true!

If you re being affectionate and loving, the anticipation and build up is enough to make us excited.  Sure, most of us love sex.  (It’s a primal thing).  But that’s not the only thing that a relationship is about.  But while we are on the topic, if your man is the one who always initiates sex, have your turn once in a while and be the initiator.  Mix it up in bed so we don’t get stale or boring.

Make an effort for him.  lovers

Dress cute or sexy.  Smell nice.  Be his girl.  Show some interests in his interests, even if you aren’t into them.  Just pretend for a while.

On a Friday night, have a party and let your hair down.

This may just be at home with music and drinks and just the two of you.  You will be amazed about what you discover about each other.

Organise a romantic getaway every now and then.

All in all, if you both go out of your way to show off and impress each other, you will be amazed at the quality kind of relationship you will be a part of and, together, you will stay forever young.

romantic getaway

Brian – an Ultimate Husband.

Thanks for that Brian.  I hope that Brian’s tips can work for you!





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