The Benefits From Drinking Lemon Water

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Drinking Lemon WaterThere are so many benefits from drinking lemon water every day.

Here I will outline some of the most exciting and positive outcomes for your body! Feel good everyday and reap the rewards by doing this simple trick for health and longevity.

Drinking warm lemon water about half an hour before breakfast each morning is a great way to kickstart your metabolism.

Not only does it quench your thirst, but it also provides a great boost of minerals to remove toxins from your cells after a night of dehydration. Potassium, magnesium and calcium all work together assist your electrolyte balance which is essential for optimum health.

Love your Liver

Lemon water helps your liver achieve prime condition by forcing it to produce more liver enzymes adding in metabolism, and also to release more toxins at the same time.

Speed up your MetabolismLemon water

Your metabolism is also assisted by the powerful antioxidant properties of lemon juice which make your immune system stronger by destroying free radicals in your system.

Prevent Cancer

Lemon water helps to prevent cancer by creating an alkaline environment within your entire body. Multiple studies have shown that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment! That’s reason enough!

Lose Weight

Losing weight using lemon juice is effective because your body utilises the pectin fibre to defeat hunger cravings. No more hungry feelings, eat less. Win, win!

Dissolve Calcium Buildup

If kidney or bladder or gall stones are a problem, drinking lemon water daily can help to dissolve these, or prevent their formation in the first place.

Lemon WaterLower Blood Pressure

By helping to cleanse your arteries, lemon water has been found to achieve decreased blood pressure in those with hypertension, sometimes by up to 10%!

Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of lemon juice will actually help you to fight of infections by complementing and enhancing your body’s own immune system.

Improve Overall Digestive HealthDrinking Lemon Water

Regular bowel movements and better digestion are also advantages due to the citric acid contained in lemon juice.

Relieve Pain

Joint pain, muscle ache, sore throat, heartburn, cold and flu? Hit it with lemon juice.

It really is a great simple solution to get yourself on the way to optimum health. If you drink lemon water daily, the benefits will show. And you will actually live longer.  What’s not to love about that?

Mix half to one lemon into a glass of warm water each morning and consume on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

Enjoy the rewards!!!!!