Top 9 Romantic City Breaks – Europe

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These are some of my favourite places in Europe.  

They are mostly underrated places, some you might never even have heard of, but all worth a visit with your loved one.

The fire of romance burns strong when you are at these exquisite destinations.  

Stay for a couple of nights, sample the local delights, and use your romantic city breaks Europe to reignite your own fire within your relationship.Romantic Breaks Europe

1. Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Romantic breaks EuropeCertainly off the beaten path, this Park has an ethereal sense of wonder about it.

You follow enchanted pathways and wooden bridges amongst limestone pools of Romantic breaks Europethe clearest turquoise water.

The ferns and waterfalls just make you want to believe in magic!  

There is a campground nearby where you can create your own magic with your partner.

Romantic Breaks Europe2. Eger, Hungary

Hungary’s lesser known wine region is full of cavern wineries with thick mould on the walls to help the fermentation.

Romantic Breaks EuropeIt’s worth a visit to sit in the caves, pay a couple of euros and taste the delicious range of wines on offer in each one.

Simply take in your empty water bottles to fill with wine directly from the keg if something takes your fancy!

Great if you are both into wine.  

Romantic Breaks Europe3. Chefchauen, Morocco

Ok, so not in Europe, but just a short ferry ride from Spain and a bus trip to the East of Morocco in the Rif Mountains you will find this gem of a town.

Everything is painted blue!  

Chefchauen is a very cute village with a feeling of isolation.

A perfect place to get away from it all for a few days!

Try a lamb tagine and a pot of mint tea.

4. Krakow, Poland

Romantic Breaks Europe

This city has one of the most picturesque town squares anywhere in Europe.  It is, in fact the biggest town square!

Stay at a hotel directly on the square and be entertained by the trumpeter who sounds the hours only to abruptly cut off the commemorate him getting shot in the neck by an arrow!

Krakow has a lively bohemian scene in the old Jewish quarter with great cafes and an exciting nightclub scene too.

Pay a visit to the salt mines just outside the city.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Romantic Breaks Europe

Prague has been called the most beautiful city in Europe and I would have to agree with that label.  

The stylish buildings and bridges, the castle and the river, they all make for some romantic strolls around town. Romantic Breaks Europe

Due to a big student population, Prague also has some great bars and clubs to visit too.

6. Porto, PortugalRomantic Breaks Europe

My favourite city in Portugal, Porto is filled with atmospheric narrow streets and tall buildings overlooking the river which is lined with Port distilleries.

Go on a port tasting tour and stumble back to your hotel.  Much fun!

While in Portugal, don’t forget to have custard tarts with your coffee.  Delicious!

Romantic Breaks Europe7. La Rochelle, France

This is a quintessential French provincial town overlooking a river with a university feel.  Hence there is heaps of action going on with a great cafe and dining culture.

Beautiful cobblestone streets and friendly locals make it a lovely place to visit.

8. Venice, ItalyRomantic Breaks Europe

I find all of Italy to be quite romantic but Venice certainly takes the cake as the most stunning place to fall in love over and over again.

The food, the canals, the gondolas, the wine and the sunset all combine to create the most wonderful atmosphere which makes you never want to leave!

Be sure to spend more than a few days here.

Romantic Breaks Europe

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Such a gorgeous city overlooked by the mighty Edinburgh castle, this is a great place to go for a city break.  

With narrow cobbled streets in the old town lined with tall tenement Romantic Breaks Europeapartment buildings Edinburgh is like a step back in time.

Explore the history and night life of this multilayered city with an underground haunted crypt tour which will make you clutch onto your loved one with fear!

Also a bustling university town, Edinburgh has plenty of bars and pubs, with delightful green spaces everywhere in between.

Try a climb up Arthur’s Seat for the adventurous or a short round of chip and putt golf at the Meadows, reportedly one of Scotland’s oldest golf courses.

Romantic Breaks Europe

Holidaying with your partner helps you to fall in love all over again.  

Looking for the perfect place to propose?  Try a romantic city break.

Leaving the normal domestic bliss that you share behind for just a few days can really help to reconnect and cement your relationship as you are totally focussed on each other.

We spent 6 months travelling Europe in a campervan that we purchased while living in London.  It is such a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a place, and immerse yourself totally in each other.  For those many months it was just us against Europe and all the challenges faced that come with language and cultural difficulties made us such an incredible team.  That bond is what makes us so strong today.

Europe is such a beautiful place to visit and my list is by no means exhaustive.  I also love London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and Amsterdam but these seem such obvious choices and I want readers to think outside the box when considering their holidays.

Which European city would you add to the list?

Why not surprise your partner with 2 plane tickets and a packed bag when you pick her up from work on Friday?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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